Patient Journeys – Benjamin

On the 18th April 2018, our little Benjamin choked on a piece of apple and went into cardiac arrest. That evening he was transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) st St Georges Hospital in Tooting London. He received round the clock medical care from the medical and especially the nursing staff. The dignity and Read more about Patient Journeys – Benjamin[…]

Patient Journeys – Edward

On the 19th of December 2017 my 9 month old son was rushed to our local hospital after having a seizure he then had another one a few hours later. All I remember is loads of doctors running in, time was ticking; they were pumping him full of medication to try and stop his seizure. Read more about Patient Journeys – Edward[…]

Patient Journeys – Ellie

My daughter Ellie was admitted March 2017 after being hit by a van whilst crossing the road to get to the school bus stop. Ellie was bought in by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex air ambulance helicopter with myself. Ellie had suffered severe brain injuries and was in a very critical situation. My experience whilst Read more about Patient Journeys – Ellie[…]

Patient Journeys – Darcy

When Darcy was two weeks old, what we thought was a common cold quickly escalated to her being unable to breathe.  We took her to the local hospital where she was stabilised, intubated and taken by ambulance to the PICU at St Georges Hospital.   From the moment we stepped into the unit, not only was our Read more about Patient Journeys – Darcy[…]

Patient Journeys – Lily

On the 20th December Lily was just aged 6 weeks when she was suddenly taken unwell – at this moment in time we had no idea of the cause of her sudden illness. After being in our local hospital for less than 12 hours it became obvious that she needed more support and suddenly our world Read more about Patient Journeys – Lily[…]

Patient Journeys – Helena

On September 9th 2015, when she was three weeks old, Helena’s breathing became heavy. By 3pm it was worse and she had gone a terrible colour. We dashed to the GP with her.  About a minute after seeing her the paramedics were suddenly running in through the door and we were whisked by ambulance to Read more about Patient Journeys – Helena[…]

Patient Journeys – Toby

Toby was very poorly for quite some time at our local Hospital. He had just had his first birthday before finally being diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. When Toby was transferred to St Georges Hospital, he was critical. You can only imagine the shock that we were feeling as we drove to the hospital. When Read more about Patient Journeys – Toby[…]